The Digital Journey of Vörður Insurance

ClientVörður Tryggingar
ServicesDigital products, Design sprints, Consultation
PeriodMar 2019 - ongoing

One digital future please!

Vörður & Reon began collaborating on digital development at the beginning of 2019 as part of Vörður's policy of offering the best possible service to customers online.

Vörður is an all-round insurance company that operates in both the retail and the corporate market. The company has always placed great emphasis on providing exquisite service to its customers as well as offering simple and reliable insurance services.

They decided on starting this digital journey to provide exactly that, an effective and quality service online. Reon and Vörðurs collaboration has from the start been strong and it has lead to fantastic solutions being created that benefit both Vörður and their customers.  

The initial goal was to build a digital infrastructure, work processes and improve services for Vörður's customers. Together, Vörður and Reon formed a team to map the future vision and line up methods that would enable us to quickly achieve what we set out to do. 

The team that works with Vörður consists of five individuals from Reon however, the development team is considerably larger. The teams are made up of programmers, designers and testers from Reon, Vörður and Rue De Net. The product manager for each product is from Vörður and the development and project manager from Reon.

Procedures and digital products

The first task was to analyze the current situation and draw up a guide for the future development of the digital roadmap. Subsequently, a team was assembled with product development staff from Reon and Vörður's experts in insurance and customer service.

After the team had been set up, the first project was launched. It was Vörður's electronic consultant. He provides online consultancy on life and health insurance as well as estimated prices for these insurances. The process is only 2 minutes for the user and requires no authentication and can be entirely completed on "My pages".

In the summer of 2019, a new and improved "My pages" portal was published. Simultaneously, a design system was built on which all of Vörður's digital products are based. The "My pages" portal is constantly being improved and services are added regularly. Now you can download confirmations of travel insurance, see a breakdown of claims, see insurances that are being processed and their status, submit various documents that are needed for the insurance to take effect, see payment schedules, create payment installments and download electronic documents.

The design system enables us to create new solutions and regularly create more additions to "My pages" as well as all of Vörður's digital products.

There has been a 60% increase in logins to "My pages" since we started working together

At the same time, the staff workload decreased significantly. With a 20% reduction in e-mails, a 12% reduction in visits, a 17% reduction in phone calls.

The electronic consultant has also served thousands of individuals with advice on life and health insurances. About 40% of them completed the process online.

Vörður focuses on digital knowledge for the future

When companies embark on a journey in digital development, it is crucial that knowledge of the technical infrastructure and benefits associated with it be achieved simultaneously. During the time that Vörður and Reon have worked together, extensive knowledge has been built up about their products and digital development in general.

This experience and knowledge will simplify all of Vörðurs future developments and make it easier to take the next steps towards a digital future. 


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