For over a decade Reon has specialized in bringing software solutions from idea to reality and everything in between. We work with ambitious companies striving for excellence helping them discover opportunities, find solutions and create valuable innovative products.

We are very happy to work with Reon. The collaboration goes far beyond a standard software development: with Reon we have an involved partner that challenges us in our product decisions and is truly passionate about the results developed. The level of professionalism and dedication is exceptional and we are eager to strengthen our collaboration in the future.
Linda Kristmannsdóttir

IT Director at Festi


We work closely with our clients and set up teams of all the needed specialists to produce the best possible solutions.


We work closely with our clients on product discovery so we can combine our experience and knowledge with their speciality in their business and sector.


Our development teams are trained in the Agile methodology and usually work in scrum sprints. Each sprint produces a working testable software.


An important step for every product before it goes live. User feedback is very important and we make sure to hear all their thoughts out.


After testing our product we can go ahead and set it live. This is the moment that everyone was waiting for but exactly the point where support must be at hand if anything goes wrong.


After finishing and going live with the software products we continue to support our clients in further development and maintenance.


In digital partnerships we continuously develop and deliver new updates, improvements and features to users.

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