We create digital products

What is Reon?

Reon is a digital agency based in Iceland. We work with companies on their road to a digital future. Helping them discover opportunities, find solutions and create valuable digital products.

Digital journey

We take the step into the future with our clients, guide them, design, develop and help set up processes and foundations to ensure a successful digital future.

Design sprints

Great way to kick-start digital development. They help figure out what should be built and how and provide a guiding light to what would create value for users.


We have over 8 years of experience making Android and iOS apps as well as hybrid solutions. We’ve helped various companies to either fully develop their apps or in the final steps of getting them to market.


Automating processes can create opportunities to provide better service that can save both time and money.

Idea to reality

We work closely with our clients and set up teams of all the needed specialists to produce the best possible products.


The client is always a part of our teams and plays a big role in our development processes.


Our coaches make sure our teams have all the tools, information and support they need to shine.


It’s crucial to create usable products and it doesn't hurt if they’re pretty. Our designers make sure that our products check both boxes.


They make it happen. Our developers have a wide range of knowledge and experience so we can team up to meet the needed requirements.


We value not only working products but also products that meet the standards and criteria that we set for them in collaboration with our client. This is where our QAs come to play.

Let's talk

Whether you are looking for an exciting workplace, starting a digital journey or need a little fine tuning - we are the people to talk to. Drop us a line and we'll get right back to you!

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