User friendly claims process

ClientVörður Tryggingar
ServicesBack-end and web development, application integration, icelandic language technology, design sprint, beta testing

Creating a claims process that’s quick, efficient and safe!

Vörður and Reon worked on developing a new process for claims reports and processing.

Claims processing is any insurance company's main service to its customers. We considered it extremely important to provide as good of service online as Vörður's employees do in person. This way they can provide service to anyone, anywhere. At the same time we wanted to give Vörður's employees an equally good experience in processing requests and enabling excellent service with automation as well as diminished manual labour. The pain point for most customers is the fact that they are unsure of what the status of their claim is. We put a lot of emphasis on keeping customers informed at all stages of the process in addition to increasing insurance literacy.

By adapting the process around the processing of claims reports, employees are now able to provide excellent services with automation and minimal manual labor.

By minimizing this manual labour with more automated digital service methods, we also sped up the processing of claims and provided a better overview of the process for both customers and employees. Digital service methods such as these offer greater automation, speed up processing and provide a better understanding and overview of the process.

We worked closely with employees from Vörður, all the way from the idea stage, the design sprint and over to the end of the project. Jökula oversaw design, Rue de net oversaw web services into Vörðurs system and the IT department of Vörður worked on additions and changes in the main system. Even though many parties came together to work on this project - we worked fantastically as a team, planned the sprints, had morning status meetings, demos and tests all together.

Report a damage claim

Before Vörður and Reon started working together, there was a traditional process around claims notifications, so the customer either called in and started the process or filled out a PDF file on Vörður's website. There was a lot of manual work around the whole process and the client could not get clear information about the state of their affairs.

Today, the claims process is much simpler and more efficient. It begins following a customer's claim which is reported on Vörður's website. There, the customer describes in simple terms what happened and instantly starts a processing stage behind the scenes. The system analyzes what insurance applies and what information is needed from customers. This way, employees can process everything quickly and efficiently.

Íslensk máltækni í forgrunni

We use Icelandic language technology in the analysis and decided to use Miðeind's open project, Greyni. We analyze claims reports from the past and what categories they adhere to. When a user enters a claim on the site, we ask Greynir to immediately divide the sentences up into sections according to the built-in grammatical rules. We then use this information to compare with information in other claims and get back the result of what category the damage most likely belongs to. This way we can assess what information the customer needs to hand in for Vörður to be able to process the claim.

The analysis is still at an early stage and it is clear that we need more data into the system to be able to make the analysis more accurate. Both users and employees therefore always have the opportunity to make corrections if the damage was not reported in the correct category. In the meantime, we continue to work on learning from the data that comes in.

Simple but effective interface

We wanted to have a simple and stylish interface that led the customer through the reporting process without asking any unnecessary questions which the system should already know about the them. The user is not solving too many tasks in each step and can always step away from the claim and come back to it later through "my pages". The information is clear at every step to prevent the customer from not knowing what is expected of him and understanding what information is being asked of him.

Once the claim is received

When the claim is submitted the process is far from complete. The employees receive the claim through a back-end interface where they go through all reports. They can examine everything determined by the system and edit anything they find necessary. Once that step is complete the claim goes straight into processing.

Before, employees had to manually input all claims into the system once they were sent in. When the claim is created, all information from the users report is automatically added to the system correctly and is accessible at all stages. 

Clear flow of information

From the moment the claim is made all information regarding it is accessible on the customer portal. There the customer can track the development of their case and submit any necessary forms or data that Vörður's employees request.

It is easy for employees to request more information or details. Pre-defined attributes are set up in Vörðurs main system where employees process claims and once they make any updates they are instantly visible on "My pages". For example, if the application is missing a picture of the broken television, the employee can mark in the application that its incomplete and what files are missing. The user instantly receives a notification both through email and "My pages" on He/she can then simply press the "Necessary documents" button and upload what is requested of them. The moment the image has been uploaded the status of the application gets automatically updated and an employee gets notified.



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