The Krónan App

ServicesBack-end and app development, e-commerce, recommendation system, integrations with other systems, design sprint, beta testing
PeriodAug 2019 - Jun 2022

An innovative solution for the Icelandic retail market.

The Krónan App

In 2019, Krónan and Reon began working together and developing the Krónan app. The app, which is the first of its kind in Iceland, is developed with the needs of customers in mind. Reon was involved in the analysis and development of the solution and has from day one worked closely with Krónan's management on the project.

When the collaboration between the companies began, a decision had been made on the development of the app, but it was not clear how it would be implemented. The first steps were therefore to make proper decisions about policies and trends in development and set up the team that would tackle the project. The team is composed of experts from the krónan and developers from Reon. They have worked closely together on analysis, design and development of the app.

Today, the app is widely used by Krónan's customerbase. They took the deciding steps towards their digital vision for the future. Simultaneously, new processes have been reviewed and in some cases new processes have been created that are in line with the expectations and needs of the krónan's customers.

Well defined content

Right at the start of the project, it was clear that it was very extensive. Therefore, the collaboration between Krónan and Reon began on detailed research work.

A design sprint was held to analyze the needs and expectations of customers and the results were used to create a clear path to both the first version of the app and its estimated endpoint.

This work was, in retrospect, as fantastic start to a project as all parties could have hoped for. The results were much clearer and allowed the team to start quickly and deliver results faster.

Diverse features

The Krónan app is an extensive and great solution. Majority of its features were created to meet the needs and expectations of their customers in turn making it have many valuable features which are more targeted and increase user experience.  

Retrieved or sent home

Customers can choose between in-store pick up or having the products delivered to their homes at pre-determined periods. This feature is a great improvement to its previous offering and there are many examples of customers repeatedly using both options.


The primary goal was to create an app that helped simplify daily activities for customers and improve their experience in grocery shopping. A feature for "recipies" was added to the app with suggestions for dinners, barbecues and lunches for customers. Krónan's staff work diligently to bring new ideas throgh the app to customers, inform them about offers and aid in compiling grocery lists.

Your grocery lists

Results from design sprints and user interviews indicated that grocery lists are something that most people use to make shopping easier. What stood out was need to have the ability to have a shopping list and recipes in the same app while still being able to shop from both sources. 

Product scan

The app allows you to scan products anywhere to get information about the product in question. You can from there add it directly to your basket. Through-out the project we learned that customers often use the app at home and have a tendency to scan the product that's expiring or finishing to purhcase a new one during the next groxery trip. 


When products are purchased in the app, Krónan recommends other products to purchase at the same time, a sort of upsell feature. It's based on what products other customers have purchased with the same pairings. Information regarding the products is then displayed on the product cards. 

Purchasing history

The app keeps track of customers' purchase history so it is easy to repeat purchases and reuse previous orders. In the customer profile, people can find useful and fun statistics about their purchases. This is in line with customers' expectations of information related to their own purchases and is a well-known example of customers using this information to manage their purchases and make future purchasing decisions. 

Against the wind

Business as a whole has undergone a major transformation since the onset of the Covid pandemic. We had just recently started working when a lot had to change in sync with changing times and release dates reflected these new and changed reality. 

A decision was made to speed up the release of the app by a few months to meet the huge increase in demand for digital services in retail. It is safe to say that it exceeded expectations and the app was launched in the spring of 2020.

Customer reactions exceeded expectations and tens of thousands of customers had used the app shortly after its release and that number is constantly growing. Krónan also added and improved services surrounding this specific sales channel. 

Effective Partnerships

The partnership between Krónan and Reon has been very successful. The app went live in the middle of 2020 and since then the companies have worked tirelessly to streamline processes, add services and expand the range of products and services that can be used in the app.

There are exciting times ahead since Krónan and Reon have not stopped. A new type of service is to be launched, which will further enhance the experience of Krónans customers.

Samstarf Krónunnar og Reon hefur verið afar farsælt. Snjallverslunin fór í loftið um mitt ár 2020 og síðan þá hafa félögin unnið sleitulaust að því að straumlínulaga ferla, bæta við þjónustum og auka það vöru- og þjónustuúrval sem hægt er að nýta sér í appinu.

Framundan eru spennandi tímar þar sem Krónan og Reon eru hvergi hætt. Til stendur að setja í loftið nýja tegund af þjónustu sem er til þess fallin að bæta enn frekar við upplifun viðskiptavina Krónunnar.


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