New passenger app for Icelandair

ServicesPassenger Application, React Native app development, android development
PeriodMar 2020 - Dec 2020

Icelandair flies over 4 million passengers each year. We've worked closely with their team to develop a new app for their passengers.

The Icelandair app was designed and developed to make it easy for passengers to book flights, check in and organise their travels.

Reon assists with Icelandairs releases

When Reon approached the project, a lot of work had been done in the design and development of the app and the solution had been in development for some time. Together Reon and Icelandair, worked on setting up a better and simpler release process for the app's development environment. Efforts were made to improve its testing environment and deployment pipelines. This work allowed for much better control of versions than previously had been. 

Reon also worked with Icelandair to improve the installation and optimization of the Android version of the app. As the project progressed, it took a considerable amount of work to connect the app to the many systems that can be found in Icelandair's infrastructure.

Since the app launched, service to Icelandairs passengers has increased and improved. Now the company's customers can take care of their bookings and manage tickets in a simple way in the app.

Icelandair passenger app - profile, discover and boarding pass



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