Hey! Awesome that you’re interested. We’re a motivated group of people that live and die for new and exciting technology. We create all kinds of digital products and have developed ways of working that help us make the most incredible things happen. We’ve created apps, bots, websites, internal systems and even an animated movie. And guess what, even our CEO has spent time way deep inside a ship working on the ship’s systems. If you wanna know more of what we have to offer, scroll away!

Digital journey

We take the step into the future with our clients, guide them, design, develop and help set up processes and foundations to ensure a successful digital future.

Design sprints

Great way to kick-start digital development. They help figure out what should be built and how and provide a guiding light to what would create value for users.

UX/UI design

Websites, apps, interactive screens, name it we got you! We live for pretty and user friendly things.


We have over 8 years of experience making Android and iOS apps as well as hybrid solutions. We’ve helped various companies to either fully develop their apps or in the final steps of getting them to market.

Web systems

Our clients have approached us with a variety of needs, ranging from small front-end projects to larger ones where they were redesigning web systems from scratch and integrating with other business systems.


Open your store 24/7 as well as reaching more customers. We’ve specialised in creating top-notch online stores and have experience in using multiple e-commerce platforms to make this dream a reality in the most efficient way.


Bots that service your customers and employees faster and better.

Machine learning

Organisations can automatically solve simple and redundant tasks while enhancing the analytical and decision making processes, by leveraging machine learning systems with the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience.


Automating processes can create opportunities to provide better service that can save both time and money.

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Reon is a software house that undertakes ambitious software projects and takes the step with its customers into the digital future.

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